Install Docker PPA on Ubuntu 16.04 With Good Defaults

Sometimes you may not want to install Docker with the wonderfully useful curl -sSL | sh, so here's a few options for being more literal with your engine install, which I've got in a gist, also seen below.

Things it does above and beyond:

  • Uninstalls LXC, which comes default in Ubuntu 16.04 and you don't need if you're using Docker. Packages removed include lxc-common lxcfs lxd lxd-client
  • Enables User Namespaces. IMO it's a great feature to turn on in most cases so your containers don't run as root on the host. This is the --userns-remap=default part. More info on the internals in a Docker KB, but usually it just works.
  • Changes to overlay2 storage driver (not yet the default), so if you want something else then you'll want to change this up a bit. This is enabled by simply adding --storage-driver overlay2. Note it requires the newer 4.x kernel of Ubuntu 16.04.

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