Trying to be a better human, and help others do the same.

Who's also a people-person who finds himself in front of the computer way too often.
Bret Fisher Teaching a Docker Workshop at StrangeLoop 2016!
Speaking to a packed room at DockerCon 2018

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I'm a freelance DevOps and Docker consultant, Udemy Instructor, trainer, speaker, and Open Source volunteer working from Virginia Beach, VA

I teach courses on Docker and Container technology that you can find here.

I do live training workshops often, which you can come join me at over here.

I've got my resume over here (yawn). Got questions?

I volunteer as a Docker Captain and Code for America Brigade Captain.

^^^^ I like to help others. ^^^^

I'm obsessed with containerizing any app I see, and I'll likely talk your ear off about it next time we meet.

Oh, also I'm a damn good freelance Cloud, Linux, Docker, Microsoft, and Open Source sysadmin focusing on DevOps tasks around continuous delivery, containers, automation, and anything that improves platforms and services on the web.

I sometimes develop in Node.js, Bash, and general web, usually for open source. Created a cloud services and consulting company Created a web startup (that didn't take off) for business to easily monitor their servers. Have been blogging tech for over 15 years (check Way Back Machine from 2000).

I'm a volunteer captain for Code for Hampton Roads, which is a Code for America Brigade, helping open government data and bring local gov into the modern web.

Always looking for new adventures.

Current favorite quote:

"I fight for the user." -Tron

When not working, I CrossFit, surf a little, geekout in the awesome local dev community, hangout in my neighborhood at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront and ViBe District, and travel with my Wife. We spend our time trying to figure out how to "live deliberately". Say hi: @BretFisher or

Sunset on a bridge in Virginia