18 of My Favorite DockerCon 2017 Video's

18 of My Favorite DockerCon 2017 Video's


This is all about my favorite DockerCon session videos. Yes, they all happen to be by fellow Docker Captains and their friends, because I'm biased.

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Docker Captains are members of the container community that are experts in some facet of the Docker toolset and spend their time educating others on it through meetups, blogging, speaking, mentoring, and creating cool open source projects showcasing Docker.

For me, many of these people have quickly become friends in the last year as we all have started to work together on community projects, conference sessions and workshops, and generally just have fun with Docker in Docker's Community Slack (sign up here).

My 18 Favorite Sessions, Organized By Topic

NOTE, there were so many amazing smart presenters, so I only pick a few here, but there are many others to enjoy in the full list.



New Features, Tips, Hacks, Community


Swarm and Orchestration

Ok that's enough, whew.

Wait, you still want more?

Here's the full playlist that you can just let stream all-night-long. Maybe you can learn some Docker while sleeping.

Here are playlists per topic:

OK, so that should keep you busy for a few days ;)

If you didn't get enough video training from above, also take a look at my Docker Mastery course on Udemy.