Bret's Cloud Native DevOps #14

Bret's Cloud Native DevOps #14


Docker Compose Sync is a game changer, K8s 1.27 SeccompDefault (finally), and recent live show and podcast releases.

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What's new this week

We weren't able to get a newsletter out last week. Apologies for that!

Docker Compose Sync (Alpha)

I'm excited about a new experimental feature of Compose, which I'm calling "compose sync". Read about it, or watch my short below.  I think it's gonna remove the need for bind-mounts during development and fixes a performance issue we've had on macOS (and sometimes Windows).

Kubernetes 1.27 released

Read the announcement and summary, major removals, or go hardcore with the full changelog.

What do I care about? SeccompDefault is finally marked stable, which if you enable it (and you should) it enables the same seccomp security profile that Docker has had enabled by default for nearly a decade. This was a pet peeve of mine all along with Kubernetes disabling the default seccomp profile in the runtime. You'll see me recommending enabling it for all pods in my Default Pod Spec template repo. If you enable this 1.27 feature in node kubelet startup, you don't need this in every pod:

🚀 Podcast

Ep 129: Windows WSL and Containers in 2023

We released a podcast Apr 14th in which I talk with Nuno do Carmo about desktop container solutions and the best Docker setup for Windows 11. Nuno helps keep us up to date on Windows WSL and running local containers on Windows. He's a tech writer for SUSE, the company that bought Rancher, and also a Civo Ambassador and a Microsoft MVP. I've had him on the show before, because the more you use the Windows Subsystem for Linux and Docker Desktop, the more you'll want to use WSL.

Questions came up, like where are all the Linux files stored? Is this a VM that I can manage, and the CPU and memory resources for that. How do I back up my files in WSL? How do I get from my host Windows Explorer into the Linux file system? How do I do that from the command line? And when I'm in the Linux shell, how do I get back to my Windows file system from it? Enjoy!

👀 In case you missed it

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🔴 Live show: Podman in Action! (Ep 212), Apr 20, 2023

This week, Matt and I welcomed Brent Baude and Dan Walsh from Red Hat to talk about the latest with Podman, Quadlet, Podman Desktop and Podman machine, and how it all works with Kubernetes.

Alex Ziskind: Docker performance on macOS

🐦 Last week's tweet of the week

Worth sharing again...

A good reminder of newer Docker commands, by the (new) Docker Captain Mohammad-Ali A'râbi

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