Bret's Cloud Native DevOps #2

Bret's Cloud Native DevOps #2


200th live stream. Who's hiring in tech. Personal data and backup strategy.

🤩 200th live show!

This week will be my 200th Live show. 😱 🤯 (Thursday 10am Pacific, 1800 UTC)

When I started the live stream five years ago, my wife (also business partner) and I had no idea if it would take off. Through the years, we have wondered how much energy we should put into the show given that it's something we do for free and the "YouTube money" we make from it doesn't yet pay for the effort and time it takes to run the show, but it's a labor of love. It has always been important to me to share what I learn, and the best part is talking to guests I'd never have a chance to meet otherwise.

So now, two hundred shows later, we're expanding our efforts. I'm adding a 2nd Q&A show each month. I added Membership subscriptions (with Discord benefits) last year. We launched the SWAG store that you can see in each stream. And, I'm dipping my toe into Shorts (mostly clips from the shows).

🐦 Tweet of the week

Tech Jobs. If you haven't seen the news, we've had many layoffs in tech recently, and this is a very long list of who's hiring this week!

💻 What I'm working on

I had some video data loss this week that I was (barely) able to recover from. It had me rethinking my storage and backup strategy. Other's are giving me their tools and strategy and I hope this story can help you improve your own personal data resiliancy. Let me know what your thoughts are in this thread:

👀 In case you missed it

(headlines from last week's newsletter that you can skip if you already read it)

🔴 Live show: course Q&A Jan 19, 2023

Last week I held my monthly Live Q&A for students of my courses.

✅ Released Docker Mastery lectures on GitHub Actions

I've added 19 lectures on Docker+Kubernetes CI automation. As usual, if you had bought the course, you get lifetime updates on Udemy.

🚀 Podcast

We released a Podcast last Friday. It's the audio version of the Live show from November 3, 2022, when I had Anaïs Urlichs of Aqua Security on, and we talked about several of their open source tools, including Trivy, tracee, and more.

👨‍🏫 I'm speaking at Civo Navigate on Feburary 8th

Hopefully they'll record the content and release it. Lots of good-looking talks are happening.

Thinking of becoming a paying member?

Have you thought about my Membership Subscriptions? You can support all my free content and also get benefits on These plans are similar to those on my YouTube and Patreon.

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Glad you're here, and I'll see ya next week 👋