Bret's Cloud Native DevOps #4

Bret's Cloud Native DevOps #4


New live course launched. Security talk and Docker 101 at Civo Navigate.

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We're a little late getting out the newsletter this week because I was at Civo Navigate in Tampa, Florida.  It was great seeing many of the speakers in the cloud native and Kubernetes world.  It felt like a mini KubeCon.

Live Course: Automate K8s deploys with GitHub and Argo

We opened up enrollment for our latest course, and it's available at a discounted price, so I encourage you to take advantage of it now. It's in March, and we're only accepting the first 10-15 people who register. This course is like having a DevOps+GitOps consultant guide you through the hard parts of automating your code pipelines, but at a fraction of the price and time it usually takes.

This course is different from the self-paced video training I offer on Udemy; it's 100% live and very targeted to making you productive ASAP:

  • 90 minutes Zoom classes on M-W-F, for 2 weeks
  • Benefit from other students' feedback, as well as from reviewing their work
  • My best combo of presentation style and hands-on learning
  • Be part of a community with others who share similar career paths.

What's up this week

Onsite at Civo Navigate conference

My family came with me, and we took our 2nd multi-day trip in the Tesla from Virginia to Florida for Civo Navigate. (If you are curious, the Tesla has been a breeze on long trips, only adding about an hour to each 500-600 mile day.) I Spent the week preparing for my container security talk, and a Docker 101 workshop.

The crew. Matt Williams, Eric Smalling, and my pup Finn, at Civo Navigate

Since launching my first Udemy course in 2017, it's been my priority to create and nourish a community. It started with a group in Slack (now 40k) and then another group in Discord (now 12k). Then we created the Patreon, YouTube, and memberships (all of them get you the same benefits). I enjoy our High Fiver membership meetings each month in Discord video chat. At the Civo conf, it was awesome to be there when two High Fivers met IRL. I got to watch them say: "you look familiar, have we met?" "I don't think so." "Wait!" ...and they realized they had met in our high fiver meetings. Mission accomplished (but not over)!

🔴 Thursday's Live show, Feb 9, 10am Pacific, 1800 UTC

My guest this week was Tomas Hruby, Sr. Software Engineer at Tigera. He's currently working as a developer of the Calico eBPF dataplane. We looked into Calico CNI features for Kubernetes. Calico can be used in a lot of places, including Linux, Windows, containers, bare metal, eBPF or iptables.

👀 In case you missed it

(headlines from last week's newsletter that you can skip if you already read it)

🔴 Live show: new Container DevOps Q&A Feb 2, 2023

I had my inaugural Container DevOps Q&A show last week. There were so many questions and such great engagement, we went for almost 3 hours. Looking forward to doing these each month.

🚀 Podcast

The podcast last week was about Infra. Matt Williams did a great job of explaining the pain points of Kubernetes user management that Infra is bringing simplicity to.

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