🥳 Our Annual Holiday Live Special: CNDO #44

🥳 Our Annual Holiday Live Special: CNDO #44


Our holiday "best of devops" show is this week. A quick Q&A with the KodeKloud team, and Docker buys the creators of the TestContainers project, AtomicJar.

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🗓️ What's new this week

👇👇Join our holiday show Thursday at the usual 1800 UTC, 1PM US Eastern👇👇

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🔴 Live Holiday Special: Best of DevOps 2023! (Ep 245)

This Week! I'm excited for this week's Live Show Thursday because it's my annual "best of" show. Nirmal and I will be joined by our fellow Docker Captain Melissa McKay to talk about our favorites of 2023 in DevOps and cloud tech and what we are looking forward to in 2024.

Best of DevOps 2023! (Ep 245)
It’s our annual Best of DevOps with my friends Melissa McKay, Developer Advocate at JFrog and Docker Captain, and co-host Nirmal Mehta of AWS, also a Docker…

🎧 Podcast

Ep 149: Registry is getting an upgrade: Inside OCI artifacts

Last Friday, Dec 8, I released a podcast about OCI (open container initiative). It's an audio version of what I sent you in this newsletter a few months ago.

The OCI specifications for registry and image are getting a minor version number update to 1.1 soon, and this could be a big deal for anyone storing artifacts other than images somewhere in their infrastructure. This episode digs into the problem with artifacts today and how the OCI and CNCF plan to fix it with the "one registry to serve them all (artifacts)" in 2024.

🎥 I was interviewed by KodeKloud at KubeCon

I finally got to meet Mumshad Mannambeth and chat with the KodeKloud team, and we did a quick Q&A video on the benefits of modern CI, GitOps, and a little prediction on Cloud Native Wasm. Take a look:

🐦 Tweet of the week

Docker bought AtomicJar. They were on my show in 2021, showing off the TestContainer project.

👀 In case you missed last week's newsletter

Did you miss last week's newsletter? Read it here. The topic of it is Node.js production container best practices, a checklist. After more than a decade of production Node.js use, and most of that using it with Docker, I have some suggestions for you.