Bret's Cloud Native DevOps #9

Bret's Cloud Native DevOps #9


Docker disables free Hub orgs and plans to delete them in 30 days. New "Automate" course starts next week. Podcast release on

What's new this week

🔴 Live show: Docker will delete free org repos in 30 days

Thursday Mar 16, 10am Pacific, 1800 UTC

In a few minutes, I go live for what should be my monthly course Q&A, but the show's focus has been taken over by Docker's news that we all have 30 days to pay or move any free repositories we have in a Docker Hub org. This news has not gone well, and there's lots of confusion and FUD going on, so after a call with Docker management this morning, I hope to clear up your questions!

Also, I'll have Docker staff on the show next week to update us on any new FAQs and help answer more questions.

Next big thing

Enrollment closes Friday (Tomorrow!)

Enrollment for my course Automate K8s deploys with GitHub and Argo CD closes this Friday (Mar 17) at 20:00 US EDT (UTC-4). We have a couple seats left.

Juuuuussst in case you haven't heard 😉, my course can help you raise your production success and lower your stress by empowering your team with self-service automation and deployment dashboards. That's GitHub Actions awesomesauce + Argo CD GitOps. You'll apply my Cloud Native DevOps automation design constructed from years of successful implementations for multiple organizations. Let's do this!

🚀 Podcast

Episode #126: Faster Docker Builds with Depot

We're releasing another episode this week and in it, my guests are the co-founders of Depot, Kyle Galbraith and Jacob Gillespie.

If you've never dug into some of the details of Dockers BuildKit, that's the engine behind your Docker build command, then this episode is for you. Kyle and Jacob's focus is on speeding up your Docker builds by doing them remotely. They avoid you needing to rethink your workflows and CI automations and provide a CLI tool that's a drop-in replacement for the Docker build command. I think it's still early days for the Depot product, but if you're suffering with long build image times Depot's already mature enough to be something I would consider as a replacement for the traditional Docker engine builds that we're all used to.

The podcast will be released Friday morning on the podcast apps. However, you can get early access to the web version as a newsletter subscriber.

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👀 In case you missed it

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🔴 Learn Kubernetes through Contributing to Open Source
(Ep 206), Mar 9, 2023

Matt and I welcomed Chad Crowell of KubeSkills to our show. Chad started the community and podcast to focus on learning Kubernetes by doing. We walked through how you can contribute to Kubernetes' open source.

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