Docker for Node.js Course

Docker for Node.js Course

The world's best course on Docker with Node.js is here! From bestselling Udemy instructor and Docker Captain Bret Fisher comes the next chapter in learning DevOps tooling for Node.js JavaScript apps. Get the most out of Docker, Compose, Swarm, Kubernetes, and ARM when building Node.js containers.

The next chapter of Docker Mastery!

I built this course because I live and breathe Docker containers, and I've enjoyed using Node.js since 2012. They work great together, and I'll show you how!

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Welcome to the best course on the planet for using Docker with Node.js! With your basic knowledge of Docker and Node.js in hand, Docker Mastery for Node.js is a course for anyone on the Node.js path. This course will help you master them together.

Even grumpy devs like my courses, that's dope.
I'm Bret, an Award Winning Docker Captain, DevOps community leader, consultant, and a bestselling Udemy instructor. I work daily to make the best and most entertaining Docker and DevOps training on the web, and if you're a Node.js developer, there is simply no better way to get the most out of containers than this course that I've spent hundreds of hours making!

Who is this course for?

I designed it for Node.js developers who want the best and latest that Docker has to offer. You'll need to know Node.js and NPM/Yarn basics, and also know Docker 101, which you can get from my bestselling Docker Mastery course with 120,000 students. Docker Mastery for Node.js is designed to teach you the cutting edge features of Docker in 2019 that will make your Node.js apps build faster, smaller, and run more securely and reliably. Containers and Node.js are two of the hottest and most popular topics in tech and I've been using them, and consulting for others who use them, for many years.

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Some of the many cool things you'll do in this course

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You want assignments?

We go through assignments using all sorts of Node.js + Docker setups. Single-container CLI apps, database-backed web apps, Express.js, hapi.js, distributed micro-service apps, Angular, Websockets, HTTP Proxies, MongoDB with proper connection shutdown, and more.

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Extra things that come with this course

What you will learn in this course

You'll start with a quick review about getting set up with Docker, as well as Docker Compose basics. That way we're on the same page for the basics.

Then you'll jump into Node.js Dockerfile basics, that way you'll have a good Dockerfile foundation for new features we'll add throughout the course.

You'll be building on all the different things you learn from each Lecture in the course. Once you have the basics down of Compose, Dockerfile, and Docker Image, then you'll focus on nuances like how Docker and Linux control the Node process and how Docker changes that to make sure you know what options there are for starting up and shutting down Node.js and the right way to do it in different scenarios.

We'll cover advanced, newer features around making the Dockerfile the most efficient and flexible as possible using things like BuildKit and Multi-stage.

Then we'll talk about distributed computing and cloud design to ensure your Node.js apps have 12-factor design in your containers, as well as learning how to migrate old apps into this new way of doing things.

Next we cover Compose and its awesome features to get really efficient local development and test set-up using the Docker Compose command line and Docker Compose YAML file.

With all this knowledge, you'll progress to production concerns and making images production-ready.

Then we'll jump into deploying those containers and running them in production. Whether you use Docker Engine or orchestration with Kubernetes or Swarm, I've got you covered. In addition, we'll cover HTTP connections and reverse proxies for connection handling and routing with multi-container systems.

Lastly, you'll get a final, big assignment where you'll be building and deploying a large, complex solution, including multiple Node.js containers that are doing different things. You'll build Docker images, Dockerfiles, and compose files, and deploy them to a server to test. You'll need to check whether connections failover properly. You'll basically take everything you've learned and apply it in one big project!

Why should you learn from me?

Giving back to Open Source and the Internet

A portion of my profit on this course will be donated to supporting open source and protecting our freedoms online! This course is only made possible by the amazing people creating open source. I'm standing on the shoulders of (open source) giants! Donations will be split between my favorite charities including the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Free Software Foundation. Look them up. They're awesome!

This is a living course, and will be updated as features and workflows change.

This course is designed to be fast at getting you started but also get you deep into the "why" of things. Simply the fastest and best way to learn the latest Docker skills. Look at the scope of topics in the Sessions and see the breadth of skills you will learn.

Thanks so much for considering this course. Come join me and thousands of others in this course (and my others) for learning the latest DevOps tech! - Bret

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