Find Me

Find me at these events speaking or giving a workshop on Docker and DevOps things. Let's meet up and chat! @BretFisher





  • DockerHR Virginia Beach: The New Hotness: Docker 1.13.1
  • DockerHR Virginia Beach: Live Orchestration Workshop
  • DockerCon Austin: Orchestration Workshop Advanced
  • DockerCon Austin: Journey to Docker Production Resources
  • Docker Federal Summit DC: Swarm Labs Resources
  • DockerHR Virginia Beach: Future of Docker
  • Revolution Conf Virginia Beach: Orchestration Workshop Resources
  • O'Reilly Velocity Conf San Jose: Orchestration Workshop Resources
  • Docker HQ Meetup San Francisco: Going into Production with Swarm
  • Online - WatchMeCode: Docker Management, Monitoring & Logging Watch
  • DockerHR Virginia Beach: 17.06 Release is Out!
  • Online - Captains On Deck: Swarm Q&A
  • Online - Webinar on Docker Compose - Watch
  • Los Angeles - Linux Open Source Summit: Orchestration Workshop Resources
  • DockerHR Virginia Beach - Self Paced Workshops on Swarm for IT Pros
  • NYC - O'Reilly Velocity Conf: Orchestration Workshop Resources
  • Copenhagen - DockerCon EU: Orchestration Workshop Advanced Resources
  • Copenhagen - DockerCon EU: Road to Docker Production Resources
  • San Francisco - QCon SF: Going Production with Docker and Swarm Resources
  • DockerHR Virginia Beach - DockerCon EU Recap and Demos


Meh that's all old and busted...