🀯 Keeping up with CNCF projects, WDYT? - CNDO #60

🀯 Keeping up with CNCF projects, WDYT? - CNDO #60


How do we keep track of open source project updates? Big project updates I'm reading about.

πŸ—“οΈ What's new this week (year?)

The Cloud Native world (Projects and Members of the CNCF) is too big for one person to know well.

That's an understatement. It's too big for one person to even keep track of new feature releases. We've all got our focus areas, and my focus has always been around runtimes (docker, containerd), orchestration essentials (Compose, Swarm, Kubernetes core, ingress, podspec, admin tools) and build-and-deploy automation (GitOps, CI, GitHub Actions, etc.).

But in 2024, even that feels like too much to keep up with, never mind trying to track how AI is changing things.

Here's my tweet to get feedback on how others keep up with project updates.

How do you keep up?

πŸ€“ Big updates I'm reading about in 2024 so far

I've got a growing list of my favorite projects and their 2024 releases that I want to digest and make future content on:

Docker Engine/Moby 26.0: Volume subpath mounts, Swarm IPv6, and improving image management for multi-platform images.

Compose 2.24-27: Stats command, Annotations, Mutagen sync, new TUI, and lots of new command options.

Traefik 3.0: WebAssembly, OpenTelemetry, Gateway API, HTTP/3, SPIFFE, Tailscale, WAF.

Kubernetes 1.29 and 1.30: Not a lot that the avg user would care about, but a few I was interested in included the new PV type ReadWriteOncePod, KMS V2 support, and multiple cluster autoscaling improvements.

Argo CD 1.10: ApplicationSet templates, Server-side diff, and a dozen other noteworthy changes.

OCI Distribution (registries) & Image 1.1: Official Artifacts support, referrers API, zstd compression support.

πŸ”΄ Streaming Thursday May 2nd: Cloud Native DevOps Q&A

I don't know about you but I feel like we're overdue for a Q&A show. So, the wait is over. This week's show will be our ask-me-anything format dedicated to helping you address your questions and issues. Of course, as usual, our focus is cloud native DevOps topics around containerization, orchestration, automation, infrastructure, and more.

Cloud Native DevOps: Live Q&A (Ep 264)
We’re doing 100% ask-me-anything this week. We’ll focus on your cloud native DevOps questions: Containerization, orchestration, automation, infrastructure, a…

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