⎈🤖⚡️ KubeCon: AI and Energy - CNDO #56

⎈🤖⚡️ KubeCon: AI and Energy - CNDO #56


The GenAI hype is in full swing at KubeCon. Also, CNCF is pushing us to better understand the energy usage of what we build.

🗓️ What's new this week

KubeCon in Pairs this week. We're live-streaming the show today, so join us to ask about what's going on. The two big themes in the keynotes so far were AI-everything, and measuring/controlling power usage in order to reduce your impact on the climate (something that's been hard to do without the proper tools).

Join us below to hear the breakdown and Nirmal and I will give our thoughts on what we're seeing on the show floor.

🔴 Live show: From the KubeCon floor! (Ep 259)

We're gonna have some fun on Thursday's show from the floor of KubeCon in Paris! Join us, hear what's going on, and get your questions answered.

Live from KubeCon (Ep 259)
Nirmal and I will be live from the floor of KubeCon in Paris to talk about the latest news and goings-on. Reminder U.S. is on daylight savings time (DST) now…

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