🎧 Podcast #126: Faster Docker Builds with Depot

In this podcast, I was joined by Kyle Galbraith and Jacob Gillespie, co-founders of Depot, to discuss their new solution to slow Docker builds.


If you've never dug into some of the details of Dockers BuildKit, that's the engine behind your Docker build command, then this episode is for you. I'm fairly confident that everyone who uses Docker will eventually come upon the problems that Kyle and Jacob were trying to solve with Depot. Their focus is on speeding up your Docker builds by doing them remotely, in a transparent way.

They avoid you needing to rethink your workflows and CI automations and provide a CLI tool that's a drop-in replacement for the Docker build command. The way they are going about speeding up the Docker builds is something I wished Docker had done for us all along. I think it's still early days for the Depot product, but if you're suffering with long build image times it's already mature enough to be something I would consider as a replacement for the traditional Docker engine builds that we're all used to.

The full live show aired on my YouTube channel January 12, 2023.