🎧 Podcast #129: Windows WSL and Containers in 2023

Nuno do Carmo joins to talk on Windows WSL and running local containers on Windows.
Podcast #129: Windows WSL and Containers in 2023

In this podcast, my fellow Docker Captain and friend Nuno do Carmo joins us to keep us up to date on Windows WSL and running local containers on Windows. Nuno is a tech writer for SUSE, the company that bought Rancher, as well as a Civo Ambassador and a Microsoft MVP. I've had him on the show before, because the more you use the Windows Subsystem for Linux and Docker Desktop, the more you'll want to use WSL.

And then that's where you start to wonder. Questions come up, like where are all the Linux files stored? Is this a VM that I can manage and the CPU and memory resources for that. How do I back up my files in WSL? How do I get from my host Windows Explorer into the Linux file system? How do I do that from the command line? And when I'm in the Linux shell, how do I get back to my Windows file system from it?

The full live show aired on my YouTube channel Feb 23, 2023 (Ep 204)

It is one of my most viewed Live show to-date (more than 102k views...for now😁) and was half Q&A and half demos of various ways to run containers on windows and configuring things in WSL.

This includes Linux containers, Windows containers, WebAssembly containers, and a few differences between Docker Desktop, Rancher Desktop, and now Podman Desktop. As always this podcast skips the demos that won't make sense in an audio only form, but you can check here and in the show notes in your podcast player for links to the original YouTube livestream.