🎧 Podcast #137: Kasten K10 Kubernetes Backups

Matt and I welcomed Michael Cade, the field CTO at Kasten by Veeam in this episode.

If you've been around servers for a while, you probably have heard of Veeam. It made its debut back in the late 2000's when virtual machines and implementations of VMs were big. I first found out about them back in those days, because it was a great free product for small virtual machine environments and data centers.

You can get the show notes on the episode page.

They've made tons of additional backup and recovery products over those years, and now they have Kasten K10, which is a Kubernetes backup and restore/recovery product. Michael discussed with us the origins of K10 and some of the major features.

We get into some demos, which you can check out in the original YouTube live show.

Live recording of the complete show from June 1, 2023 is on YouTube (Ep. 219).