🎧 Podcast #141: Codefresh and Argo CD with Dan Garfield

In this episode, Bret is joined by Dan Garfield of CodeFresh to talk about growth of GitOps as a standard, growth of Argo, and more.

You can get the show notes on the episode page.

Dan is the Co-founder and Chief Open Source Officer of Codefresh, a CI/CD platform powered by GitOps and Argo. He helped launch the GitOps Working Group and helped lead the creation of the Open GitOps principles. As an Argo Maintainer, Kubernaut, Google Developer Expert, he helps companies and individuals adopt Argo with GitOps and streamline their CI/CD.

We take some great questions about how GitOps is different than just triggering deployments and other automation platforms. And we also dig into the four principles of GitOps and how Codefresh uses Argo CD as a part of their CI/CD offering.

The recording of the complete Live show from July 27, 2023 is on YouTube (Ep. 227).