🎧 Podcast #154: Faster Dev Feedback and Previews with Livecycle

In this episode, Bret was joined by Matan Mishan & Roy Razon of Livecycle. Developer platforms was the main topic, as well as how to improve developer collaboration and speeding up feedback and previews.


We talk about the various delays encountered in pull requests due to feedback processes, and how Lifecycle's tools aim to shorten this feedback loop in Docker Desktop, local CLI with Preevy, and automated CI workflows. I like how Lifecycle provides multiple locations and ways to get access to people in the preview environments that really lets you just fit the different parts of the tool into your workflow, as opposed to one way to do everything. It's great for getting feedback quickly during the PR process, rather than making people set up their own environments to test their changes. I also liked their ideas around how the feedback loops can be improved.

DevOps and Docker Talk: Cloud Native Interviews and Tooling | Faster Dev Feedback and Previews with Livecycle
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Livecycle's Website
Preevy Repository
Livecycle Docker Extension

This episode contains great demos so be sure to also check out the live recording of the complete show from December 21, 2023 on YouTube (Ep. #246).