­čÄž Podcast #155: Best of DevOps 2023

Maturity of MLOps in 2024..."squeezing the most out of the compute we have" with these big machine learning workloads. Nirmal's predicted theme for this year. Enjoy our latest podcast (155) where Melissa McKayNirmal Mehta, and I review the best and worst of 2023 and share thoughts on 2024.


We recorded this episode in December of 2023 where we talked through our favorite tools. Whether a DevOps oriented tool or not, it just might be the things we like to use on containers and in Cloud Native DevOps. This is a fun episode of three friends talking about what they love. And I sometimes I think these are the best shows because we didn't plan them out.

You can get the show notes on the episode page.

The recording of the complete Live show from December 14, 2023 is on YouTube (Ep. 245).