🎧 Podcast #160: Building Secure Container Images

🎧 Podcast #160: Building Secure Container Images

Nirmal and I are joined by Dan Lorenc from Chainguard to walk us through Chainguard's approach to building secure, minimal container images for popular open source software.


We discuss why it is important to have secure and minimal container images. Dan explains how Chainguard helps remove the pain of CVEs, laggy software updates and patches and much more. Chainguard is now available also on Docker Hub.

We spend the first part of the show talking about the week's big news: the XZ supply chain attack, and Dan was the best man to explain it. We also touch on CVEs, things you can do to reduce the attack surface, SLSA, and more during this jam-packed show.

You can get the show notes on the episode page.

Be sure to also check out the live recording of the complete show from April 4, 2024 on YouTube (Ep. 261).

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