🎧 Podcast Ep144: NetBackup for Kubernetes

🎧 Podcast Ep144: NetBackup for Kubernetes

In this latest episode of DevOps and Docker Talk, Bret is joined by Demetrius Malbrough and Joe D'angelo from Veritas, the company that makes NetBackup amongst many other data protection tools.

NetBackup has been around at least 25 years and I've been using it over 20 years, although not recently. So we had the two gentlemen from Veritas on the show to break down the evolution of NetBackup to a Kubernetes native backup solution.

We also talked about additional products that make sense in a backup context, like their InfoScale storage management solution, and we tried to break down some of the technicals. What are we talking about when we mean deploying NetBackup on Kubernetes?  How does InfoScale fit into that? And generally, just helping me catch up with the last few years as NetBackup 10.0 has been released.

I asked lots of questions and we got some interesting questions from the audience.

You can get the show notes on the episode page.

The recording of the complete Live show from Oct 19, 2023 is on YouTube (Ep. 238).

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