๐Ÿคจ What's coming in 2024? CNDO #47

๐Ÿคจ What's coming in 2024? CNDO #47


Welcome to another year of the Cloud Native DevOps newsletter! Expect more CNCF projects on the show, and more Docker and Kubernetes topics! Also, reply to give feedback on DevOps topics you want to learn this year.

๐Ÿ—“๏ธ What's new this week

We're building out the content calendar for show guests, course updates, and YouTube videos. What do you need help with this year?

Just copy-paste your favs from this list into a reply or the Comments and I'll add the most popular to our content list for 2024:

  1. GitHub Copilot for DevOps
  2. AI tools marketplace overview for DevOps
  3. Docker GenAI
  4. Docker Scout
  5. Docker Debug for container and Kubernetes troubleshooting
  6. Docker Desktop optimum setup in WSL2 with VSCode
  7. Argo CD easy path and best practices
  8. Dagger.io examples for GitHub actions + local CI runs
  9. Docker Cloud Build
  10. Kubernetes Gateway API graduation
  11. Kubernetes, what's new in 1.28, 1.29, 1.30
  12. Pod spec security
  13. What's your ideas?

๐Ÿ”ด Live Q&A: Cloud Native DevOps (Ep 248)

This Thursday (1/4/24) is our monthly ask-me-anything cloud native DevOps related! I'll focus on your cloud native DevOps questions: containerization, orchestration, automation, infrastructure, and more.    

Cloud Native DevOps: Live Q&A (Ep 248)
Iโ€™m doing 100% ask-me-anything this week! Iโ€™ll focus on your cloud native DevOps questions. Containerization, orchestration, automation, infrastructure, andโ€ฆ

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๐ŸŽง Podcast

Ep 151: Dockerfiles have versions?

In my latest podcast release, I break down why Dockerfile frontends exist and how Docker's build engine "BuildKit" is giving us updated Dockerfile features.

The TL;DR of this episode is to add a new firstline to your Dockerfile.

# syntax=docker/dockerfil:1

It'll ensure your Dockerfile will have access to the latest v1.x features of the "Dockerfile frontend" feature of BuildKit.

My newsletter on Dockerfile frontends (including links and references)

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