🤨 Do you need an Internal Developer Platform? CNDO #45

🤨 Do you need an Internal Developer Platform? CNDO #45


What's in a Internal Developer Platform? I'm not sure, so I'm learning from Livecycle on the Live Show Thursday and Dagger's on the podcast.

🗓️ What's new this week

The theme of my show and podcast this week are tools that can help you create a first-class experience for your dev teams, including running CI everywhere and providing faster PR feedback loops.

🔴 Live show: Faster Dev Feedback and Previews with Livecycle (Ep 246)

On this show, we're talking about developer platforms and how to improve developer collaboration by speeding up feedback and previews. I'll be joined by Matan Mishen & Roy Razon of Livecycle. Join us live Thursday!

Faster dev feedback and previews with Livecycle (Ep 246)
On this show, we’re talking about developer platforms and how to improve developer collaboration and speeding up feedback and previews. I’ll be joined by Mat…

Topics Roy and Matan are planning to cover on IDPs:

  1. Developer experience is critical to achieving your project goals. Get fanatical about enabling your builders to run fast with no hiccups.
  2. Keep non-devs in the loop. Dev2Dev collaboration is crucial. Still, collaboration and relationships with other cross-functional teams are often neglected, resulting in counter-productive performance for all. 
  3. In-flight collaboration. Sometimes, you want to share your work and immediately get things right by looping in whomever can help you out, with no delays or idle time - you shouldn’t rely on your deployment pipeline for any WIP task.

🎧 Podcast

Ep 150: Dagger: CI of the Future?

Application delivery doesn’t have to suck. Bret and Nirmal are joined by Solomon Hykes, the founder or Docker, to talk about Dagger and their application delivery-as-code that runs anywhere.

Solomon started Dagger after he left Docker in 2018 with a few other Docker VPs, including Sam Alba and Andrea Lusardi.

Dagger is an innovative startup aimed at simplifying and revolutionizing DevOps automation and software delivery. Created to address Docker's unattended gaps, Dagger streamlines software building, testing, and deployment, exhibiting immense growth potential and wide applications in fostering software ecosystems.

For a few years now, they've been publicly iterating on the idea of a programmable and portable automation system for software building, testing, and deploying.

In this episode, they cover many topics around Docker and Dagger. I've been convinced that I need to start trying out Dagger in my projects.

The live recording of the complete show from November 16, 2023 is on YouTube (Ep. #241).

🐦 Tweet of the week

Two new things from Chainguard that I recommend for keeping your images safe and up-to-date. More on these tools coming soon:

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