🧰 Environment management, from dev to the edge: CNDO #57

🧰 Environment management, from dev to the edge: CNDO #57


Kubernetes API without Kubernetes? We're gonna dig into k2d on the show. Also, Daytona is on the podcast showing of their new open source solution for managing all your dev environments.

🗓️ What's new this week

🔴 Live show: Kubernetes API without Kubernetes?

The Kubernetes API running on Docker without Kubernetes running. That's what we're going to learn on the show this week. Why does this exist, and when would we use it? I'm excited to learn about k2d Thursday on my show. Nirmal and I will be talking with folks at Portainer.io about this new project of theirs that enables us to leverage Kubernetes tooling to manage containers without having a Kubernetes control plane. Think about how this could help you and bring your questions to get them answered by the experts Neil Cresswell and Anthony Lapenna.

Kubernetes API on the Edge with k2d (Ep 260)
K2D is a new project from Portainer that enables you to leverage Kubernetes tooling to manage Docker containers on tiny devices at the far edge. But why, and…

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🎧 Podcast

Ep 157: Open Source Codespaces with Daytona

In our latest podcast episode, Nirmal and I talk with Ivan Burazin and Chad Metcalf to debut Daytona, an open source "codespaces equivalent."

Daytona is a development environment manager designed to automate all the tedious steps a developer needs to perform to set up their development environment. "Essentially, it transforms any machine into a codespaces equivalent."

Where Daytona is actually starting in the enterprise is focusing on large dev environment solutions and management of those, and then trickling down to individual developers. So there are two very similar solutions to a problem of many developers and their varying ways that they set up their environments for development, but they're coming at it from two ends of the spectrum.

I invite you to also watch the live stream from March 7, 2024 on YouTube (Ep. 257) as it includes some great demos.

Launch Party: Open Source Codespaces with Daytona (Ep 257)
Starts at 3:45. The Daytona team comes on the show! They just launched their open source “codespaces equivalent” project and we’re excited to be the first to…
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🐦 Tweet of the week

At KubeCon, they announced the Kubernetes Contributor Card website for displaying all your GitHub activities in the various Kubernetes official repos. But, not all of us do our work in those, so this is just a reminder that you can still be awesome in the community but also have "no results found" in this tool.

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