⏫ Level up your Dockerfile CNDO #48

⏫ Level up your Dockerfile CNDO #48


On the live stream, I'm going to show off examples of the latest Dockerfile frontend features to help you level up your Dockerfile skills.

🗓️ What's new this week

On the show this week, Nirmal and I will be digging into a recent topic of mine on this newsletter: Dockerfile frontends and the latest Dockerfile features.

Be sure to watch to ensure you're using all the latest abilities we now have in our Makefiles... Er, I mean Dockerfiles. 😉

🔴 Live show: 2024 Dockerfile features you need - Learn Dockerfile frontends (Ep 250)

Join Nirmal Mehta and me Thursday on our stream. We'll uncover the essential Dockerfile features of 2018-2023! We'll dive into Dockerfile frontends and master the techniques that will elevate your containerization game. Bring your questions!

Thursday Jan 16 at 1:00 pm US ET (UTC-5)

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2024 Dockerfile features you need - Learn Dockerfile frontends (Ep 250)
In this episode, Nirmal and I will uncover the essential Dockerfile features and dive into Dockerfile frontends to help you master the tools that will elevat…

🎧 Podcast

Ep 152: Tailscale Everything

My latest podcast covers Tailscale, a universal VPN that connects teams, devices, and development environments for easy access to remote resources. I was joined by Alex Kretzschmar, Tailscale's Head of Dev Rel.

Alex and I talk about projects he's worked on in containers over the years and then we quickly get into Tailscale and talking about why he joined the team there.

Tailscale is one of those tools that's hard to put down. I've used it for years to connect my personal devices to my home server lab when I'm traveling or servers I might have on the internet that I run temporarily. It connects them all together in a seamless VPN. The product itself comes up a lot in our Discord server when people are talking about needing some secure remote access to something anywhere in the world.

Tailscale keeps adding more and more features, I can't really keep up, so we had Alex on the show to talk about all the new stuff, including a client for Apple TV, which at first, I didn't quite understand why, but now it totally makes sense; and a Kubernetes operator that does some slick things around connecting engineers on their local machines to clusters. I found Alex at the Tailscale booth at KubeCon this year and invited him on the show to talk about this relatively new yet ubiquitous-feeling product. 

The live recording of the complete show from November 30, 2023 is on YouTube (Ep. #243)

🗓 Next big thing️

This week (17th) is our monthly High Fiver chat...the first of 2024. In case you're not familiar with High Fivers, it's what I call the $5 membership level of our favorite fans on YouTube and Patreon. With it, you get an exclusive High Fivers video & chat channel on our DevOps Discord server and a monthly live chat with me and other High Fivers, typically the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Sign up today so you can join next week.

👀 In case you missed last week's newsletter

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