🎊 The week of Docker new: CNDO #49

🎊 The week of Docker new: CNDO #49


Compose new feature catchup on Thursday's stream. Docker Engine v25 was released and Docker Build Cloud was launched.

πŸ—“οΈ What's new this week (4 things)

It's a Docker-packed week. Docker Engine v25 was released with some welcome additions. Then, Docker announced its cloud-based build service called "Docker Build Cloud," which I'll use for myself and others. Also, we're live streaming Thursday to catch you up with Compose what's new. Lastly, the "Docker Recap 2023" podcast comes out on Friday.

πŸ”΄ Live show: What’s New in Docker Compose, 2024 Edition (Ep 251)

What’s New in Docker Compose for 2024? Nirmal and I will walk through new features in Docker Compose from the last year and maybe some predicting of the future.

Thursday Jan 25 at 1:00pm US ET (UTC-5)

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What’s New in Docker Compose, 2024 Edition (Ep 251)
Walking through every new feature in Docker Compose from the last year and predicting the future.πŸ—žοΈ Sign up for my weekly newsletter for the latest on upcom…

🐳 Docker Engine v25 ships

This is the third major Engine release in a year, and like the other two, it's mostly adding long-requested (minor) features and options. It's easy to miss many of these after you upgrade, so here's a short list from the release notes that I find significant in my use cases:

  • You can now have recursive read-only mounts.
  • CDI (Container Device Interface) (CNCF project) now works in Docker, supporting GPUs and other hardware in containers better.
  • A new healthcheck feature, "start-interval," lets you have a different interval during container startup vs. container running for healthcheck polls. Use in docker run with --health-start-interval or in your Dockerfile HEALTHCHECK command.
  • Swarm overlay networks now work with IPv6 hosts.
  • Swarm stacks version is now 3.12 to support the new health-start-interval.
  • support for mac-address and link-local-ip fields in --network long format.
  • Add support for specifying multiple --network flags with docker container create and docker run.
  • Remove deprecated devicemapper storage driver (mostly RHEL).

How do I get it?

For Docker Desktop, it will be in the next minor release 4.27, which I imagine we're days or a few weeks away from. For Linux distros that Docker supports, packages are available now.

☁️ Docker Build Cloud is announced

Ever since I got early access to these "cloud builders," and saw their potential for changing the CI game for many, I've been anxiously waiting for its release in Docker Desktop + Docker's cloud (not the Docker Cloud some may remember from 2018 πŸ˜†) so I can thoroughly test it vs. local builds and vs. GitHub Runners for multi-platform native builds (which GitHub doesn't do).

Here's the announcement, the product page, and friend Michael Irwin giving a short demo of how easy it is to use in Docker Desktop.

Introducing Docker Build Cloud
Discover our new Docker Build Cloud service - a faster way to build using cloud-based resources, shared team cache, and native multi-architecture support. In…

Expect more from me on this as I dig into my real use cases and have some experience with it.

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